What is Revenue Integrity, and how can your organization best achieve it?

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Ten years ago, not many hospital administrators would list revenue integrity as a major concern, but today the concept is more important than ever.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: How Integrated Solutions Improve Financial Performance

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As reimbursement variables and requirements continue to change, healthcare organizations must be prepared to quickly adapt or risk losing revenue.

The Bridge Between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence is Empowered Assistance

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Following other industries, there will come a day in the next decade when artificial intelligence (AI) is so nuanced and complex, that AI will be able to solve many of our health care system's challenges. However, today is the day for AI assistance, as developments in AI technology for healthcare continue to mature. The health care [...]

5 Years From Now: Will We Still Use Computer Assisted Coding?

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In an ideal world, translating what occurred during the patient's visit to a correct bill would be a simple task. Documents and other clinical data would stream in from physician notes and other sources, an automated system would recognize the appropriate information, structured or otherwise, translate the chart into the correct codes and seamlessly send [...]

How to use HIM to Improve Patient Experience

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By Ashley Lodato Associate Director, HIM Solutions, Streamline Health In health care, we can sometimes think of the patient experience as taking place in the waiting room and examination room. But while these are key to treatment, there are a number of factors outside the physical visit that impact quality of care. Patients might not think [...]

How Streamline Health is About to Change Code Auditing Forever

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By Nancy Hirschl, BS, CCS, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10 Trainer Vice President of HIM Services, Streamline Health, Inc. The way code auditing is performed at hospitals and other health care facilities is in need of a change. In many cases, major providers still use spreadsheets to manually track audit data. This antiquated method is time consuming, inefficient, susceptible to human error [...]

Quality is the New Revenue – So Measure and Act

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Most providers know the importance of accurate clinical information to support value-based care models, yet few are taking steps to adapt their operations accordingly.

Revisiting Analytics – Community Hospital Edition

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If community hospitals can avoid some common pitfalls when considering new analytics, they can identify opportunities to improve their clinical and financial performance and adapt to the changing healthcare market.

RAC Audits Are Like Most Healthcare Issues: Prevention is Key

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Securing your hard-earned revenue is crucial to the overall financial health of your healthcare organization, and when it comes to audit management, prevention is the key to long term health.

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