Mission, Vision and Values

Dedicated to Delivering Transformational Data-Driven Improvement in Healthcare


Streamline Health aspires to be the acknowledged healthcare industry leader in capturing and translating organizational data into actionable insights that support quality measurement and optimize revenue cycle performance.



Our mission is to deliver integrated solutions and analytics that drive quality across the healthcare enterprise.

We share a common calling and commitment to advance the quality of life and the quality of healthcare — for society, our industry, our clients and the communities they serve, and the individual patient.


Core Values

Our values guide our strategic thinking and tactical actions. We define these values as the 4 R’s: Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, and Results.

  • We Respect our stakeholders — fellow associates, clients, partners, and shareholders — by being polite and considerate and by acknowledging their needs and desires as we work toward delivering on-going positive financial results.
  • We value Relationships, with our clients and each other, and are committed to protecting and nurturing them.
  • We take Responsibility and accept accountability for our actions, the quality of our solutions, and the results we deliver.
  • We deliver meaningful and tangible Results for each and every stakeholder by executing our strategic and tactical plans to the best of our ability with commitment, passion, and enthusiasm.


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