Integrated Platform for Managing Audits and Optimizing Results

Managing coding audits for a healthcare enterprise has long been a manual and time-consuming process; in fact, providers often invest more effort to manage the audit process than to conduct the actual audits.

Streamline Health eValuator™ Audit & Reporting provides a cloud-based, workflow-enabled platform to manage coding audits quickly and effectively. It integrates with existing systems and can be accessed by auditors and HIM management to quickly select cases for audit, move through the audit workflow and report on results in a matter of minutes.

Automated Workflows

Based on decades of auditing experience, the custom workflows enable you to establish efficient process flows for auditors and quality reviewers. With most manual tasks now automated, your staff can focus on leveraging their experience to review cases, generate insight and take action to improve your results.

Powerful Reporting

eValuator Audit & Reporting comes with dozens of pre-loaded reports to help standardize content, compile and view results at the DRG, coder, department/facility level, and more. With simple access to these metrics, you team can focus on identifying issues and opportunities, and developing the resulting action plans accordingly.

Enterprise-wide Coverage

eValuator Audit & Reporting can help manage audits across multiple lines of business, including inpatient, outpatient, and professional fee. This enables you to review and confirm coding performance —and the resulting revenue integrity— from all business lines for maximum benefits.

Easy Integration

Account data is uploaded by flat file transfer and automatically cleansed and normalized, enabling you to focus on assessing and optimizing your code auditing function.  This enables your team to focus on confirming revenue integrity and improving financial performance.

Encoder Agnostic

Integration with all major encoding platforms allows for DRG and principal diagnosis analysis, as well as easy online access to its electronic principal codebook, reference resources and more. This takes the manual effort out of coding audits to improve productivity.

The Features You Want

  • Automated customizable workflows to auditors and quality staff
  • Easy data uploads and integration with all encoders
  • Robust reporting enables review of results at DRG, coder, department and facility level
  • Cloud-based system for secure remote access

The Benefits You Need

  • Automation to improve auditor and quality review staff productivity
  • Robust reporting to identify issues and opportunities, establish goals and gauge progress
  • Real-time insight to optimize revenue integrity across the enterprise

Get your coding right the first time – prior to billing.

Our eValuator revenue integrity platform analyzes 100% of coded cases prior to billing to help you improve coding accuracy and optimize financial performance.


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