Clinical Analytics:
Make Your Doctors and Researchers Smarter

Streamline Health Clinical Analytics Solution is a powerful DIY research tool that helps you quickly conduct research to support clinical studies, journal publication, grant applications and more. By enabling researchers to run complex queries against existing data, Streamline Health Clinical Analytics dramatically reduces the time & effort needed to generate analytical data to support your research initiatives.

Facilitate Research

Easily handle complex queries to extract data, with no IT involvement. We are OMOP compatible and offer HIPAA-compliant database access to securely conduct research. With direct access to data, your team can run queries quickly to identify patients and adjust parameters to assess clinical outcomes. Results can be presented in a visual report or downloaded to spreadsheets for further analysis.

Easy Cohort Building

Using a simple interface, you simply identify three criteria to build your cohorts. First, you select a clinical event(s) to study; a type of clinical encounter, an ICD-10 diagnosis code, a medication prescribed, a lab result range, etc. (up to 20 events can be included.) Then, you select the target demographics; gender, age, or socioeconomic status. Lastly, establish the time frame using calendar view or risk windows. That’s all it takes!

Powerful Analytics

A built-in statistics engine automatically provides users with epidemiological insights (predictive models, p-values, confidence intervals) for high level inference or assessing bias between patient groups. This enables you to pursue virtually limitless possible scenarios in support of your research and clinical initiatives.

Why Choose Streamline Health
Clinical Analytics Solutions?

Time to Event
With its patented Temporal Indexing, Streamline Health Clinical Analytics has a unique ability to track and analyze time-related events such as time in range and time to survival. When combined with event collections, cohorts can be studied over time.

Reusable Research Objects
The solution creates reusable research objects that allow transparent and self-documenting recapitulation of research methods and effectively automate the documentation of methods, improving the effectiveness of your outcomes research and clinical effectiveness research.

Compose and Manage Complex Logical Operations in Relation to Time
A major differentiator is this solution’s strong and flexible User Interface for composing and managing complex, nested conditions in time.

Guide Inferences Using Statistically Sound Confidence Levels
A built-in statistics engine provides users with epidemiologic insight (models, p-values, confidence limits) for high-level inference.

Rapidly Iterate
Build multi-dimensional queries on the fly; create drag-and-drop visual rules, end-user reports, and custom analytics

Reduce Reliance on IT Resources
Streamline Health Clinical Analytics eliminates the need to compete for the availability of IT resources in order to create new functionality and to view information from multiple vantage points.

Supports the following:

  • Population Health Management
  • ACO Participation
  • Grant Proposals
  • Journal Publications
  • Clinical Trials

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Leverages virtually any data source
  • Generates reports in minutes
  • Easy data exports

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