Healthcare Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement

The Looking Glass® platform offers HIM, Coding and CDI solutions and services that improve processes for patient documentation, facilitate secure access to medical information throughout the enterprise, and confirm coding accuracy to protect revenue. With flexible workflows and automation, these integrated solutions help maximize the use of information to support quality care and reimbursement optimization in a value-based world.

In these times of change, healthcare providers must be confident that their entire operation is focused on delivering quality to not only support positive health outcomes, but to also support the overall financial health of the organization.

Healthcare Coding Audit Services

Looking Glass Coding Audit Services have long been used by forward-thinking providers to optimize their clinical documentation and coding functions. In the transition to value-based care, they’ll help you confirm compliance, capture care quality and protect revenue.

Our CAC solution is a workflow-driven answer that eliminates manual handoffs and enhances staff productivity. The software utilizes a patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that “reads” and interprets text-based clinical documentation from the patient chart. The solution then identifies relevant diagnoses, procedures, and POAs (Present on Admission indicators) and displays both the suggested codes and the corresponding documentation, enabling the user to review the source information, conduct additional research if needed, and determine which of the suggested codes to use. In just seconds, our CAC solution indexes the entire patient chart — not just the individual documents in the chart — for more complete and accurate coding.

In today’s hybrid environment of documents and electronic records, our enterprise content management solution helps healthcare providers modernize, organize and consolidate paper-based processes for improved information flow throughout the organization, ultimately resulting in improved coordination of patient care. With enterprise-wide access to clinical and financial documentation, our integrated solution captures and aggregates all documents throughout your organization to accelerate the completion of tasks and simplify processes for better and faster health information management.

Healthcare Chart Abstracting

Our web-based abstracting solution helps you achieve maximum efficiency and accountability. The flexible data solution enables you to collect and report any data element needed to update your data collection. With a built-in workflow engine, HIM managers can create and modify electronic work queues for coding staff, eliminating manual handoffs. The software enables managers to easily reassign cases to adjust workload as needed. Through a secure link to the hospital’s EMR, coders can view the record they are abstracting from any location.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Our solution automates your CDI process from the start by automating your concurrent documentation review process. The solution enables your clinical documentation improvement specialists to electronically track and manage their daily work assignments and collect case review data while they are on the nursing units. They can communicate efficiently with physicians via the built-in physician query tool and easily produce reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the CDI process. Improved documentation can have a positive impact on your revenue through increased reimbursements.

Release of Information

Our release of information solution enables your enterprise to expedite and audit the release of protected health information (PHI) in a timely, accurate, complete and confidential manner. The solution digitizes requests for patient information, turning a labor-intensive, costly function into a viable, income producing cost center. Securely email, fax, or print and send PHI to requestors, track information that has been released, and account for any disclosures of information all within one consolidated workflow.

Physician Query

Our solution automates the physician query process and enhances your documentation improvement initiatives. The physician query solution enables HIM users to quickly and easily generate a query and receive a response from the doctor, including all appropriate documentation. It provides powerful reporting capabilities to track and measure the effectiveness of your query process. Your physicians can receive queries via a secure email link or through a physician portal. Physicians are presented with the facility’s document of choice allowing them to easily provide the necessary documentation and quickly respond to any query.

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