Use Streamline Health Outpatient Clinical Documentation Integrity to:

Capture More Outpatient Revenue

Streamline Health OP CDI delivers powerful, comprehensive technology to help increase documentation quality and secure lost revenue from your growing outpatient business. By providing CDI specialists with specialized automation like pre-service workflows, HCC and RAF calculations, built-in electronic Physician Queries, and reconciliation against final coding, Streamline Health OP CDI helps improve quality measures and financial performance for outpatient services.

Leveraging the power of CodeAlert and eValuator, Streamline Health OP CDI can also automatically flag cases for coding accuracy,  reimbursement opportunities, and more. By identifying potential opportunities and risks earlier in the process, your staff can address them more effectively to improve coding/documentation accuracy and increased compliant revenue from this expanding service line.

Streamline Health Outpatient HIT solutions for revenue cycle optimization

Optimize your Outpatient CDI Program with:

Quality is...

  • HCC/RAF Calculations for faster, improved results
  • Suggested queries make it easier to request clarification
  • Clinical alerts integrated with EHRs
  • Integration with existing systems to optimize productivity

Delivering the Results You Need...

  • Increased productivity and financial impact
  • Minimal disruption to existing systems/programs
  • Greater documentation quality for higher ratings
  • Increased outpatient revenue capture
Clinical Documentation Integrity and CDI Improvement

Streamline Health OP CDI delivers robust features that many other solutions don’t, including custom workflows, clinical alerts, and integrated Physician Query capabilities. These provide your team with the advanced functionality to manage outpatient coding efficiently and effectively.

Integrated OP HIT to Drive Accuracy and Results

Streamline Health OP CDI is part of an integrated Outpatient HIT suite developed to help providers improve operational and financial results from this growing segment. Coupled with Streamline Health eValuator, which delivers automated analysis of 100% of Outpatient coding prior to billing, and your organization can easily optimize revenue from your Outpatient services.

Quality is the New Revenue™

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