Cloud-based, Automated Pre-Bill Coding Analysis

Streamline Health eValuator™ is a cloud-based platform that provides 100% automated analysis of inpatient coding and charge accuracy prior to billing. It analyzes and ranks each case in real time based on both the need for further review and financial impact of recommended corrections. Backed by automated workflows, robust reporting and market-leading expertise, eValuator enables you to identify and address coding issues before billing for optimized revenue integrity and improved financial performance.

Get your coding right the first time – prior to billing.

Our eValuator revenue integrity platform analyzes 100% of coded cases prior to billing to help you improve coding accuracy and optimize financial performance.


5,100+ Proprietary Rules

Robust rulesets developed from decades of auditing insight thoroughly analyze each case prior to billing to gauge for coding accuracy and compliant revenue capture.

Easy Implementation

Cloud-based eValuator is easily implemented and maintained. It integrates with existing EHR, encoder and billing systems to minimize disruption and deliver fast ROI.

Automated Routing

Using custom thresholds, it automatically gauges cases and routes to the designated resource to ensure your team is always focused on the highest impact opportunities.

Narrative Advice

Flagged charts are returned in real time with detailed corrections on suspected issues, helping assure accuracy while improving coder performance over the long term.

Real-Time Insights

Dashboards display real-time KPIs to monitor ongoing performance, while robust reporting offers summaries with drill-down capabilities for more actionable insights.

The Features You Need

  • Automatically scans 100% of cases, pre billing or post billing
  • 5,100+ market-proven rules to gauge accuracy of coding
  • Provides real-time narrative advice on what needs correction and why
  • Flexible grading criteria and workflows to optimize impact using existing resources
  • Cloud-based and easy integration with existing systems

The Benefits You Deserve

  • Cost-effective approach to analyzing of all coding, pre or post billing
  • Provides narrative feedback in real time for staff development
  • Coding analysis based on DRG, coder, department, facility and enterprise wide
  • Confirms compliance and optimizes revenue integrity
  • Offers fast ROI while driving sustainable improvements
Case Study: eValuator™ optimizes revenue integrity and improves operations at Cooper University Health Care

Case Study: See How Cooper University Health Drove $3.2M In Improvements

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