With interactive Dashboards, Revenue Cycle Executives can make decisions affecting revenue integrity more quickly and accurately!

In the quest to optimize financial performance, Revenue Cycle Executives must identify opportunities to address potential revenue leakage and compliance exposure while also driving cash flow. Quanti­fication of key performance levels help identify and understand operational and ­financial trends, which supports more informed decision making.

The Financial Impact tab in eValuator delivers actionable insights into KPIs and other metrics that refl­ect overall financial performance.

The Financial Impact tab, shown below, is a great tool for Executive-level insights into KPIs and other metrics that reflect overall financial performance.

Streamline Health eValuator Dashboards: Financial Dashboard Detail

See below for just a few Use Cases on how Revenue Cycle VPs can benefit:

Streamline Health eValuator

With new Interactive Dashboards, healthcare's first fully automated pre-bill coding analysis solution is even better!

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