Use Streamline Health Audit Management to:

Secure Your Revenue

Successful audit defense is more than just a program to address Recovery Audit Contracting (RAC). A comprehensive audit strategy requires a comprehensive audit management tool. Streamline Health Audit Management addresses the enterprise-wide cash flow risk arising from both governmental and private payor audits, accelerating the audit process and ensuring compliance while minimizing audit recovery risks to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payor reimbursements.

By automating the manual processes, stages, and levels of an appeal, Streamline Health Audit Management empowers your organization to manage and monitor critical financial requests with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of a variety of different audit types. Easily manage deadlines, share and update information, research details of each identified audit account in a user-friendly interface, and even identify high-risk in-house or recently discharged patients through a comprehensive level of care analysis.

Streamline Health HIT and HIM software solutions for revenue cycle optimization

Streamline Health Audit Management offers:

The Features You Need

  • Easy web-based access for remote staff
  • Integrate clinical and financial data from disparate systems
  • Save and share data online and export reports
  • Send instant alerts based on your criteria

The Results You Deserve

  • Automated workflows to improve productivity
  • Flexible dashboards and alerts to monitor progress
  • Robust reporting to support issue resolution
  • Comprehensive tools to reduce revenue risks
Streamline Health HIT and HIM software solutions for revenue cycle optimization

Protect Your Revenue

Streamline Health® Audit Management helps you:
  • Build workflows for virtually any type of audit (e.g., RAC, MIC, MAC, ADR, etc.)
  • Create a database with all at-risk accounts and tag each audit type with its own pre-defined workflow template of stages and follow-up actions
  • Summarize denial reasons and detail information about overturned accounts
  • Correlate Medicare RAC accounts with other payer accounts
  • Set automatic deadlines and target dates for each account at every level/stage of the audit process
  • Provide instant access to appeal status and recent audit activity, outcome reporting, balance and patient and transaction level details for each account

Quality is the New Revenue

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