Use Streamline Health Denials Management to:

Keep More Revenue

Building an effective healthcare denial management program has many challenges. Many variables can contribute to a claim being rejected, so identifying the root cause is often challenging. Streamline Health Denials Management offers powerful workflow and analysis tools to successfully appeal denials, recoup lost revenue and address the issues driving your denials.

Streamline Health Denials Management helps you recover additional net revenue. By enabling you to parse and translate all incoming raw 835 files, you can identify at-risk accounts. And with advanced reporting capabilities that standardize denial tracking, reporting and trending information, you can further optimize your denials management process.

Streamline Health Denials Management can also be integrated with our our AR Management solution to automate, define and manage the denial overturns process. This enables you to automate and manage the entire overturn process to yield maximum net revenue improvement.

Successfully Appeal Denials with:

Integration for Comprehensive Functionality

Streamline Health Denials Management integrates with our AR Management and Business Analytics solutions, creating a powerful system that provides the tools and insight to manage financial performance across your enterprise.

Delivering the Results You Need

  • Powerful functionality to manage denials data and processes
  • Insight to triage, manage and monitor appeal progress
  • Robust reporting to identify issues and opportunities

Increase Revenue & Lower AR Days

Streamline Health Denials Management enables you to:
  • Segment 835 ANSI denial codes into categories and subcategories for quick identification of root cause issues and the associated department and services (e.g. root cause owner, resolution owner, actionable vs. not actionable and clinical vs. technical vs. informational)
  • Track denied charges at the individual charge level
  • Monitor denied charges as a percent of total revenue
  • Track overturn rates and the associated dollars with Streamline Health’s proprietary overturn algorithm
  • And much more

Quality is the New Revenue™

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