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Healthcare industry resources: blog, webinars, downloads.

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  • ICD-10
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Healthcare industry resources: blog, webinars, downloads.

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Heightened Focus on Cost Quality & Reimbursement

In today’s healthcare environment, providers are challenged with managing ever-increasing exposure to risk. With the ongoing regulatory changes and the evolution of the healthcare system, cost, quality and reimbursement are three critical areas of concern for healthcare professionals. The effective management of these areas is key to shielding a healthcare enterprise from exposure to risk in these turbulent times.

  • Resource Management
  • Procurement Efficiency
  • Physician Accountability

  • Readmission Penalties
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions
  • Appropriate Length of Stay

  • Bundled Payments
  • Value-Based Reimbursement
  • Denials
Healthcare industry resources: blog, webinars, downloads.

Meet today's challenges head on...

Today’s healthcare providers face increasing pressure to improve operational performance while delivering both quality healthcare and sustained financial performance. Streamline Health® provides transformational data-driven solutions through its Looking Glass® platform. Creating real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics to help healthcare enterprises reduce their exposure to risk, enhance their clinical, financial and operational performance. And most importantly, improve patient care.

Healthcare industry resources: blog, webinars, downloads.

IDC 10 Transition

The healthcare industry is facing one of its biggest challenges in recent history – the mandate to move from ICD-9 to the ICD-10 code set. The current ICD-9 code set has been in use for over 30 years and has become inadequate to track all the changes and improvements that have occurred in the healthcare delivery system. Therefore, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) originally mandated the adoption of the more complex ICD-10 codes by Oct 1, 2015. This transition will significantly impact payers, providers and other healthcare professionals in numerous ways. That’s why the HHS delayed the ICD-10 transition. How can you be assured of a seamless transition to the new ICD-10 code set without impacting your cash flow?

The answer: be prepared! Your preparations should include securing the appropriate tools to aid in the transition, and one of those tools should be an easily accessible, Web-based integrated information technology solution that contains a computer assisted coding system (CAC) that can handle both ICD-9 and ICD-10, a clinical document improvement (CDI) system, physician query capabilities and abstracting – all in one tool set.

Healthcare industry resources: blog, webinars, downloads.

Meaningful Use

Many healthcare facilities, today, find themselves working in a hybrid environment of paper documents and electronic records. When this is the case, a web-based solution that provides access to both paper and electronic documents, keeps patient data and documents secure and available electronically to facilitate transactions and processes automatically from one clinician to another. It can also be integrated with your existing EHR to provide seamless retrieval of patient information, facilitating your meaningful use (MU) reporting requirements.

Healthcare facilities are using the most advanced technologies for the capture, management, and electronic access of patient charts in order to retrieve the exact information necessary for meaningful use compliance reporting. An integrated enterprise-wide content management system will enable you to securely integrate documents and data into your clinical and business processes, relieving workload demands and saving valuable time. Additionally, an enterprise content management system can provide the flexibility and ease of reporting you need to fulfill the various stages of MU reporting requirements.

Healthcare industry resources: blog, webinars, downloads.

Business Intelligence

Revenue cycle analytics solutions help healthcare organizations improve financial performance.

Even in the face of ever-increasing regulations, healthcare organizations today are challenged with achieving optimal financial performance while providing exceptional patient care. It is critical that healthcare providers have the right business analytic solutions and access systems in place to meet these important challenges.

In order to maintain peak efficiencies while simplifying key operational processes, healthcare facilities must provide their financial staff members with access to and the ability to fully comprehend complex financial information that is often stored in disparate data repositories. This access to critical business analytics will help healthcare providers tackle these challenges head-on, removing the barriers to key financial data that will help them accelerate and sustain overall financial and operational performance.

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