Managing the revenue cycle for a healthcare provider has never been an easy task. And with myriad new factors impacting the process, revenue cycle management (RCM) is not getting any easier.

To help you overcome these issues, Streamline Health offers a fully integrated suite of RCM solutions including AR Management, Denials Management and Business Analytics. By empowering you with tools, workflows and insights to overcome these challenges, you can focus on addressing the root cause of issues and identifying opportunities to improve your operational and financial performance.

AR Management

With so many different variables, processes and moving parts, managing AR functions can be a daunting task. But with its powerful tools and flexible workflows, Streamline Health AR Management provides the tools and reporting to deliver superior results.

AR Management includes a proprietary expected reimbursement algorithm to help stratify high priority accounts. And with robust custom workflow creation, providers can route cases from stratified lists to the appropriate resource(s) based on self-selected unique criteria.

For each account assigned, tasks can be created and reminders/alerts for key actions can be set. This enables your team to effectively manage multiple accounts simultaneously while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Denials Management

Streamline Health Denials Management includes powerful workflow and analysis tools to successfully appeal denials and recoup lost revenue. And by integrating with its AR Management and Business Analytics technology, Streamline Health helps identify and address the key issues driving denials in the first place.  Reporting can identify the departments, services and payors responsible for the bulk of denials.

Denials Management helps to identify at-risk accounts via import and translation of all incoming raw 835 files, empowering you to compile and prioritize cases, which can then be automatically assigned to the appropriate resources via Streamline’s flexible custom workflows.

Business Analytics

Optimizing revenue cycle and overall financial performance is not easy, especially with inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory lines of business. By aggregating data across multiple systems, business lines, etc. into one web-based solution, Streamline Health Business Analytics generates the insight to truly assess, manage and optimize your organization’s financial performance.

With Streamline Health’s Business Analytics, you can leverage business and clinical data from multiple systems, including EHRs, practice management, patient accounting and more. Using this aggregated data, you can establish and monitor KPIs for key AR activities such as: AR Aging; Cash on Hand; DNFB and Case Mix.

Using powerful analytics from Streamline’s Business Analytics software, you can identify and address trends to help optimize operational performance and subsequent financial results.

One Integrated Solution with Many Benefits

Revenue cycle directors are expected to achieve meaningful improvements that ‘move the needle’ from an operational and financial perspective. Streamline Health delivers the tools and insight you need to get those results.

From secure, single sign-on to comprehensive reporting on complex data aggregated from multiple systems, Streamline Health’s AR Management, Denials Management and Business Analytics technology is the integrated RCM resource that your organization needs to succeed.

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