Looking Glass Coding Audit Solutions

Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Documentation and Revenue Integrity

Looking Glass® Coding Audit Solutions

Streamline Health has added Opportune IT Healthcare Solutions to its portfolio of leading HIT solutions. These Coding Audit services and solutions further augment Streamline’s existing capabilities to serve healthcare providers across the U.S. and Canada. Whether you have an existing coding audit program that needs optimization, or are looking to implement one, Streamline Health has the expertise and technology to help you get the results your organization deserves.

Coding Audit Services:

Accurate medical coding is crucial to confirming compliance and protecting revenue. With decades of market-leading experience, Looking Glass Coding Audit Services help you identify and address existing weaknesses in your clinical documentation and coding processes.

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Coding Audit Technology:

Coding audits are a labor- and time-intensive process. Looking Glass® Coding Audit Technology enables you to automate and simplify the overall process for faster, sustainable improvements.

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Our experts have great insights on how you can achieve revenue integrity. 

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