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Streamline Health Outpatient (OP) CDI delivers powerful, comprehensive technology to help increase documentation quality and secure lost revenue from your growing outpatient business. By providing CDIS with specialized automation like pre-service workflows, HCC and RAF calculations, built-in electronic Physician Queries, and reconciliation against final coding, Streamline Health OP CDI helps improve quality measures and financial performance for outpatient services.

Leveraging the power of CodeAlert and eValuator, Streamline Health OP CDI also automatically flags cases for coding accuracy, reimbursement opportunities, and more. By identifying potential opportunities and risks earlier in the process, your staff can address them more effectively to improve coding/documentation accuracy and increased compliant revenue from this expanding service line.

OP-Specific Features

Outpatient services require unique functionality to optimize accuracy and increase productivity. With integrated HCC and Risk-Adjustment Factor (RAF) calculations, Streamline Health OP CDI simplifies these complex processes so your staff can focus on reviewing and refining case accuracy. And CodeAlert flags cases with potential opportunities or issues to address prior to billing, further increasing your staff’s productivity and financial impact.

Powerful Automation

With flexible, automated workflows, you can manage pre-visit tasks medical necessity verification. Streamline Health OP CDI is integrated with your existing systems, so it automatically presents specialists with their work assignments. Cases are routed according to your specific rules, such as revenue impact or query opportunities. And supervisors can easily monitor and reassign cases as needed for maximum productivity.

Easy Query Management

Streamline Health OP CDI includes powerful physician query capability, so your team can easily initiate concurrent queries. With flexible, customizable templates, specialists can easily generate electronic queries that can go straight to the physician’s existing EHR inbox for fast, easy responses. Staff can even document and track verbal query activity to support accurate reporting.

Tools for Simple Follow-up

Each day, Streamline Health OP CDI presents your specialists with the cases that require follow-up review based on your defined criteria. Additionally, it provides query response alerts when a physician replies, so your staff can promptly finalize the case review.

Robust Reporting

With Streamline Health OP CDI, you can easily produce a full range of reports, including:

  • Number of charts reviewed
  • Volume & percentage (%) of queries
  • Physician query response rate & turnaround
  • Financial impact
  • Many more

Robust Technology to Drive Outpatient Revenue Improvements

Streamline Health OP CDI delivers robust features that drive productivity from your team, including custom workflows, clinical alerts, and integrated Physician Query capabilities. It also includes unique functionality such as pre-service workflows, built-in HCC and RAF calculators and other tools to further enhance your staff’s judgment and impact. It’s the premier solution to optimize coding accuracy and revenue integrity from your growing outpatient business.

Get your coding right the first time – prior to billing.

Our eValuator revenue integrity platform analyzes 100% of coded cases prior to billing to help you improve coding accuracy and optimize financial performance.


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