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The COVID crisis has wreaked havoc on your financial performance; Streamline Health can help. Through our eValuator™ Revenue Integrity Program, we can provide a combination of Audit Services and Solutions to provide immediate relief through increased compliant revenue. In as little as 30 days, we can start optimizing coding accuracy to ensure accurate revenue capture from Inpatient and Outpatient care, including those incredibly complex COVID-related cases.

This means more compliant revenue to fund your mission.

I don’t have...

the budget to add new tools

We can tailor contract terms to meet your needs, as well as demonstrate the strong Return on Revenue for skeptical stakeholders.

I already have...

an Audit Program

No problem; eValuator’s automated pre-bill analysis prioritizes cases to ensure they’re always focused on the highest impact cases

I don’t have...

4-6 months to wait for implementation or results

Cloud-based eValuator is quickly implemented and easily integrates with most existing systems.

I already have...

a coding optimization solution

eValuator is the only solution offering 100% automated analysis of IP and OP coding prior to billing.

We’ll provide the exact mix of services and technology you need now.

Expert Audit Services
for Instant Impact

eValuator Automated
Pre-Bill Coding Analysis

We’ll tailor the contract terms you need to get started quickly, and our program offers flexible thresholds to adjust as your needs change. But we’ll always be focused on 100% Compliant Revenue.

Streamline clients have already realized nearly $4.9M in impact from our COVID-19 rules (not to mention the millions in revenue from other care). How much impact can we get from your current cases? Contact us to learn about an easy data analysis that details where we can help and how much revenue we can secure!

Quality is the New Revenue

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