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Consultative Services to Optimize Compliance and Financial Performance

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Confirm Compliance with Streamline Health

Accurate medical coding is crucial to confirming compliance and optimizing financial performance. Using eValuator Consultative Services, your organization will be able to accurately confirm compliance, protect revenue, capture care quality, and optimize staff productivity. Flexible, customized programs will ensure your specific needs are met to support your strategic goals for optimizing financial performance.

Optimized revenue from all encounters

Maximized impact from all audits

Actionable insights to address root cause of coding issues

Let Our Team Help Yours

eValuator Coding Audit Services features a team of dedicated auditors—averaging 15+ years of experience—who thoroughly understand the complexities behind coding accuracy in today’s healthcare environment. Leveraging this vast experience and proprietary technology, these services can help identify the systemic challenges behind lost revenue and compliance exposure. These insights are then translated into a customized educational plan to help address the root causes behind your coding issues.

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Aided by a Technology Platform

A key advantage from Streamline’s Audit Services is that we use eValuator™ to analyze all coding prior to audits. This ensures that all audits are focused on the cases with the greatest potential impact on financial performance, which delivers tremendous value for your organization!

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