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Cloud-Based, Automated Pre-Bill Coding Analysis & Workflows

Revenue Integrity Optimization for Inpatient, Outpatient and Pro-Fee Care

Cooper University Health Care

Using the insights from eValuator, we were able to justify the addition of two more coders and a Quality Specialist. This will help us drive further improvements that increase compliant revenue for the organization.”

— Maureen Trainor, Director of HIM | Cooper University Health Care

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Medical Billing and Coding Software: Optimize Revenue Integrity Prior to Billing with eValuator!

As healthcare’s only automated pre-bill coding analysis solution with real-time results, Streamline Health eValuator™ enables you to easily identify, quantify and expedite correction of the issues with the greatest impact on your revenue integrity and financial performance from your Inpatient, Outpatient, and Pro-Fee care.

Increase Inpatient, Outpatient and Pro-Fee Revenue

Reduce Denials & Compliance Exposure

Optimize Impact of Audit/Quality Program

Analyze every case.

Streamline Health eValuator, our Medical Billing and Coding Software provides 100% automated analysis of coding and charge accuracy prior to billing. It analyzes and ranks each case in real-time based on the need for further review and the financial impact of recommended corrections.

Address Issues Before Billing.

Backed by automated workflows, robust reporting and market-leading expertise, eValuator enables you to identify and address coding issues before billing for optimized revenue integrity and improved financial performance.

Cloud-Based for Fast & Easy Implementation

Robust Global and Custom Rules for Analysis

Automated Case Prioritization & Routing

Real-Time Results with Narrative Guidance