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Revenue & Coding Integrity

Optimize compliant revenue and reduce risk before submitting claims

Pre-Bill Claims Analysis Software: Optimize Revenue Integrity Prior to Billing with eValuator!

As healthcare’s only automated pre-bill coding analysis solution with real-time results, Streamline Health eValuator™ enables you to easily identify, quantify and expedite correction of the issues with the greatest impact on your revenue integrity and financial performance from your Inpatient, Outpatient, and Pro-Fee care.

Increase Inpatient, Outpatient and Pro-Fee Revenue

Reduce Denials & Compliance Exposure

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Optimize Impact of Audit/Quality Program

Analyze Every Case.

Streamline Health eValuator is a cloud-based platform that provides 100% automated analysis of coding and charge accuracy prior to billing by analyzing potential under-coding and over-coding cases on both the Need for Further Review and Financial Impact.

eValuator Audit Every Case
eValuator Address Issues BEFORE Billing

Address Issues Before Billing.

Backed by automated workflows, robust reporting and market-leading expertise, eValuator enables you to identify coding issues before billing for optimal revenue integrity for Inpatient, Outpatient and Pro-Fee encounters.

Cloud-Based for Fast & Easy Implementation

Requires minimal IT support and integrates with any Electronic Medical Record system and is typically implemented within 45-60 days with less than 45 hours required from your IT team.

Thousands of Proprietary & Custom Rules

Robust rule sets thoroughly analyze each case prior to billing to gauge for coding/charge accuracy and compliant revenue capture.

Automated Prioritization & Routing

Using custom thresholds, it routes cases to the designated resource(s) to ensure your team is always focused on the cases with the greatest potential impact.

Narrative In-Depth Advice on Identified Issues

Flagged charts are returned in real time with detailed corrections on suspected issues, helping assure accuracy while improving coder and auditor performance.